Payment Software

KIOSK self denser and denser part of our lives, become an integral part. After all, for business - is a reliable worker who can work tirelessly day and night, for the consumer - is convenience, saving time, the absence of negative factors communicate with the seller. That is why self-service terminals are more and more new applications in everyday life.

In addition to the growing demand of consumers to the list of services provided infomats grows and the demand from service providers to the capabilities of the terminal. Increasingly, there are orders for terminals made taking into account the corporate style, with a wider range of services. A common terminal for the moment the consumer is not interested in, want to give him some "token". Many successful companies to put their business closer to the consumer by placing a unique feature at terminal stations. Installing the Touch kiosk enables to increase the attractiveness of services to consumers, and ease of payment and work with the software contributes prodazh.Eto imposes additional requirements to the software.

If you decide to arrange a payment terminal network to individual requirements - please contact the company "Petrosoft."
We specialize in software development for self-service terminals. Our decision will bring your dreams into reality.

JSC "Petrosoft" has extensive experience in creating software for payment self-service terminals. Our experts are ready to offer you a solution running under any platform: Windows or Linux, which allows us to minimize the cost for you proposed solutions, both at the time of purchase, and in the holding period.

We are working with a number of leading companies for the production and delivery of both the terminal buildings, and equipment inside the terminal. Thus, we can offer you a complete solution for accepting payments to meet all your trebovaniyam.Nashe software works with most of the equipment available in the market.

Designed to your requirements the software will allow you to:

  • increase the number of customers;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • expand the number of services provided;
  • integrate the solution into existing business processes;
  • create a unique design of any complexity.

With our software you can, along with traditional services such as payment for goods online store, booking and payment services to mobile operators, payment of utilities and others to provide a set of your individual services.

The uniqueness of our payment solutions - is a payment system kernel that allows you to organize the reception of payments and interaction with the various operators and service providers. This allows you to create a flexible system of tariffs, thereby increasing the economic attractiveness to the consumer.

The solution includes:

  • billing module;
  • billing module;
  • processing module;
  • monitoring module;
  • the security module;
  • unit personnel office.

Know-how of our solution - the use to pay not only cash but also credit cards.