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Information and Reference Software

Self-service terminals have become very popular among citizens. And now the functional sensory terminals is not limited to payment, and are increasingly expanding by providing background information and advertising to consumers. First drew attention to the owners of such services and entertainment malls, cafes, exhibition centers, and later took up the baton objects of culture - museums, theaters, exhibitions.

Perhaps, now almost impossible to imagine any popular with consumers, where the input you would not have met infomats helpful, offering to review the information about promotions, discounts and just useful information. No one is surprised by the presence of infomats at the airport, where the traveler can pass the time waiting for their flight by visiting your favorite site on the Internet, checking email, chat with friends in a social network.

Touchscreen kiosk allows you to easily find the necessary information

JSC "Petrosoft" offers a software product for installation on the terminal, allowing:

  • Provide instant access to a variety of information and services;
  • Provide the necessary information search by name, category, location;
  • Change the display information depending on the category;
  • Customize the sections of the display information;
  • Arrange visitor access to the Internet;
  • Organize users access to existing information resources of the Customer;
  • Conduct surveys of visitors;
  • Undertake to inform visitors about promotions and special offers;
  • Create virtual tours and tour guides;
  • Provide interesting information to the consumer;
  • Show nearby sites on the map;
  • Display contextual advertising, audio-, video-clips;
  • Display interactive plans and diagrams;
  • Organize internal telephony;
  • Keep multilanguage content.

The advantages of our solutions:

  • Ability to customize the appearance of the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Convenient representation of information.
  • The intuitive user interface.
  • Easily add, edit and delete information.
  • Reduce time spent searching for information.
  • In the presence of a second monitor, organize, display advertising, promotions and special offers related to viewing the visitor information.
  • Automation of various information and referral services.
  • Organization of the wireless access point to the Internet.
  • The organization of local telephony.
  • Reducing the cost of system software by using Linux.
  • Reduced maintenance, virus protection, upgrade.

With our software you can easily organize infomats for:

  1. Business center, shop, shopping complex, which provides for information:
    • business center;
    • organizations, offices, hours of work;
    • goods and services;
    • promotions and offers;
    • interactive terms;
    • organize a WiFi internet access point;
  2. Museum, the exhibition provides visitors access to:
    • Information about the museum;
    • virtual tour of the exhibitions and collections;
    • information on working hours;
    • planned activities;
    • organize a WiFi Internet access point.
  3. Hotel, Hotels, providing information on:
    • hotel, the order of settlement and the services provided;
    • numbers, rules of residence;
    • coming attractions on the map with the map;
    • organize the collection of reviews and suggestions;
    • organize a WiFi Internet access point.
  4. Index.

During the downtime of the terminal screen displays advertising information.

Software infomats easily combined with the payment module that can solve not only the information and background tasks, but also provide consumers with paid services.