The number of terminals in the business centers, offices, exhibitions and other public places is growing steadily, but often, the functional is only the lower touch screen.
The top screen, although there but not enabled.

We offer our customers solve this problem.

The software for the advertising self-service terminals available in the following ways:

  • Information and Reference Software + module display advertising.
  • Independent software for display advertising.

In the first case the customer receives an instrument display advertisements based on the information that a visitor is viewing. The advantage of this solution - it is the orientation of the target audience, for example, if a visitor is looking for outdoor clothing, on the upper screen displays ads from advertisers outerwear.

In the second case, the Customer may arrange an independent demonstration of advertising, on the second monitor.
The advantages of this solution in the possibility of having two independent systems, if the Customer
invested heavily in software and does not want to upgrade, but at the same time wants to improve their business through display advertising on a second monitor, it is enough to install your software.

Main features advertising software:
  • Simple operation procedure and the time the show rolls;
  • Fine-tuning the schedule and the number of hits on the day of rollers;
  • The mapping of all known formats;
  • Quick change of rollers if necessary;
  • A reliable system of protection against spoofing commercials;
  • Networking terminals with centralized management server or stand-alone playback;
  • Centralized update;
  • Work with any software already installed on the terminal.
  • Gathering statistics show clips.
  • Work under any operating system of the terminal.