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Tools for creating a site condominiums, CSW, the Criminal Code.

The modern world has become much faster, sociable, mobile and dictate their own terms. These changes are not spared and Housing, recently there has been a steady transition from the resource boards hung in every house to the site condominiums, CSW, the Criminal Code. This is where you can always find the most relevant and reliable information on the emergency phone numbers to the size of its debt.

Increasingly, homeowners associations, CSW, MC uses the site as a tool not only inform, but also as a tool for active interaction with residents, including for the provision of service by order of paid services.

But the creation of the site has until recently been quite costly item of expenditure for the HOA, CSW, the Criminal Code. After all, to keep the state's own programmer is not justified expensive, and bringing the company to develop still does not eliminate the problems associated with placing the site on the Internet and its continued assistance and support, because without specialized knowledge is not enough. Making changes to the site has always been the main obstacle for the average user to the creation of the official site.

But now, everything has become easier, we have developed a special product "house manager" - this product allows you to create a website of its own HOA, CSW, of the Criminal Code on the Internet. In addition, we offer a software as a service, ie All you need to create and maintain your site - is to contact us.

The house manager allows you within 30 minutes to get an official website on the Internet with the following main features:

  • Self-change information, add, or edit topics.
  • Inform residents of planned activities and repairs.
  • Accept applications for current repair and maintenance of apartments.
  • Taking figures from residents for municipal services: water, gas, electricity.
  • To inform residents about rates and services.
  • To inform residents about the debt and the need for timely payment.
  • Maintain information on all homes serviced in one place
  • Connect to the site image with security cameras.
  • Conduct polls and surveys residents.
  • Provide a forum for the residents.
  • Supporting awareness among residents in accordance with the Decree № 731 of September 23, 2010 the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of the standard disclosures organizations involved in the management of apartment buildings"

If you order the "house manager-1.0" you will receive:

  • Your own website on the Internet.
  • His own official address on the Internet.
  • Its own official e-mail address.
  • Accommodation on site information about the management company.
  • Training of employees of the management company.
  • Annual support and maintenance.

The main characteristics of "house manager-1.0":

Comparison of the "house manager 1.0" and a site for "10 000 rubles."

Number p / p


Website for "10 000 rubles."

The house manager 1.0

A The ability to modify information without knowledge of programming (administration site)
- +
The number of pages on the site 5
A striking design, a simple change in design
The implementation functions according to the disclosure of the Russian Federation № 731 PP -
Accepting applications from residents -
Archival storage materials -
Requires additional purchase of the domain name and hosting +
Requires the site administrator +
Support for connection of CCTV cameras -
Consulting users -
News Publishing -
Support of information on housing stock -
Support for publications per-apartment debt -
Information about your HOA, CSW, MC
Placement of the HOA, CSW, MC -
Powered residents
Photos HOA materials, CSW, MC
Putting performance counters for utilities
Personal Area residents
Publishing outstanding per-apartment
Installing a site on the server HOA, CSW, MC