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We offer condominiums, CSW, MC GeoPolis line of software products.

  • GeoPolis.Kvartal
  • GeoPolis.Karta
  • GeoPolis.Remonty
  • GeoPolis.Vyborki

These software products allow the HOA, CSW, MC always have on hand a reliable source of information about the objects of reference.

GeoPolis.Kvartal - The software package is designed for centralized storage and structuring of information about the elements of the address space, buildings and objects in them, arranged in a certain area. The system allows input, editing, searching, viewing, printing information about the following elements:

  • address of the home;
  • territorial binding address;
  • occurrence of an object in the targeted programs;
  • households Financial Plan;
  • tenants;
  • specifications of buildings;
  • object structures and operators.

GeoPolis.Karta - Program intended for visualization of spatial data for a particular area and related semantic information, and to enter into a new system of graphic and semantic information.

GeoPolis.Remonty - The software package is designed to take into account:

  • contracts for routine repairs;
  • artists work;
  • warranty terms and obligations.

GeoPolis.Vyborki - software package represents the uplink system to handle arbitrary data filtering rules when working with different amounts of information. This software is aimed to work with a variety of external data sources and allows you to create custom analytical queries. It has a convenient user interface and configure the prostate.

All software systems can be integrated into a single information system.